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Welcome to Queerness and Dragons!

This simple PDF character generator is borne out of a frustration with the baked-in essentialism of D&D (or, really, most RPGs that have you build characters from math), and taking advantage of the hack-it philosophy of 5e. This “generator” (really a list of tables ranging from 10-100 options) is for people who want to stretch the boundaries of D&D a little and play with some weirder, queerer characters. All you need is 2d10 (preferably a percentile set) and a d6, as well as “My Queer AF Character Sheet” and a willingness to roll with it (HA). If you fill out the form as you roll, by the end you’ll have the bones of a character that can be filled in with additional stats if you want to use them in a game. However, this is not the chargen for min/maxers. Be prepared to play a wizard who’s stronger than they are smart or an Orc with Goblin traits.

If there’s anything that makes you uncomfortable, or you really don’t like – reroll! Scratch it out! Write in something else or make it up yourself! No one’s judging. If there’s anything that really sucks, hopefully it’s because I didn’t know better – let me know and I’ll do what I can to fix it and not make that kind of mistake again. Contact me on Twitter @visticuffs.

Hopefully your DM/GM will be as excited to play around in the system as you are, and they’ll happily help you find a way to fit your character into their campaign.

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Love it,  I am there for the concept and there is also a lot of funny stuff in the tables. Thanks for making and sharing




FUcking amazing.



I've been thinking about and using the queer-as-fuck character generator for a bit more than a year now and it's fricken revolutionary.  I mean that quite literally.  This is a powerful tool for attacking various essentialisms in RPGs, especially (but NOT exclusively D&D).  It's also deeply moving in practice, forcing players and GMs to face their own preconceptions about what's permissible/impermissible both in their fictional worlds and in our own, shared one.  The QaF Character Generator is a messy, beautiful thing, and I can't recommend it highly enough.


omg thank you! I just saw this comment. <3<3<3 Having it described as messy and beautiful is just A++ chef's kiss

I'm CRYING seriously <3